Huggacast 142: Waimea Canyon

We ride Waimea.

“Going like 4, but will tell everyone we did 12 mph.”

This Huggacast is video from a tough climb up Waimea Canyon in Kauai. 4 thousand feet, 18 miles with 8 – 12% grade up into a rainstorm that pelted us and stung our faces on the fast descent.

The ride ended with a rainbow all the way across the sky. waimea_climb_rainbow.jpg

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Note: no helmet during the 100% humidity, 12% grade part of the climb. This road has no switchbacks.

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Samples on the slideshow soundtrack include Wire Brush Stomp – Atlas Sound, Deerhunter


Shot with an iPhone 4 using the Biologic Bike Mount for iPhone. I’m riding the Modal in Geared mode, a travel bike handbuilt by Bill Davidson with S&S couplings.

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