Kask Goes Gravel

Kask Goes Gravel

Kask goes gravel. The benefits of mainstreamed gravel are a lot more choices in high quality helmets. Helmets like shoes or tires, are a personal choice. So Bike Hugger hasn’t posted any shootouts or comparison in our near 20 years of publishing.

We do share what we’re riding v. comparing. Kask is now blazing a trail in the gravel scene. The Italian brand is doing so with Nathan Haas, Sofiane Sehili and Enough Cycling. That’s three major players in the discipline. Kask also sent us the Valegro, a helmet that offers maximum ventilation with minimal weight.

Kask Goes Gravel
Kask Goes Gravel in green,

Tested and refined by Kask’s engineers in a wind-tunnel, the profile of Valegro’s polycarbonate gets the best results in thermo-cooling performance. It’s perfect for summer in the Methow Valley and weighs under 200 grams.

The cooling comes from 37 ventilation holes and breathable, quick-dry padding. The 5mm layer of fast-wicking thermoformed tri-dimensional padding is antistatic, bacteriostatic, heat regulating and moisture transferring using Resistex Carbon. The chin pad with eco-leather strap contributes to a helmet that’s comfortable to wear, all day.

Rubberized micro dial adjuster provides improved finger grip. While floating cradle contact points combine internal gel pads for optimum comfort. The supports oscillate freely through 180° allowing a perfect fit on any shaped head. The skeletal brackets of the cradle provide the best fit and support whilst being as light as possible.

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