Kari Traa Svala Tee

Kari Traa recently sent us the Svala tee and Pam has been wearing it to workout and ride MTB. As I shared in my post about Sweet Protection, I like the Norwegian take on kits…it’s the fresh styling, choice of materials, and the fit. They also know about riding in the rain. While Kari Traa isn’t a Sweet brand, it is Norwegian and looks great.

Here’s what Pam told me about the Svala tee in a text

Out of the box it felt thick and I had concerns it would be too hot. After wearing in all conditions that was not true at all. In cold and hot conditions it breathed beautifully. Also, unlike other liners it’s great looking and wore alone on a city ride to  meet a friend for lunch.  Wouldn’t normally do that with an ugly cycling liner. Love the pink color inserts. A seriously functional tee with a feminine touch.

I feel pretty much the same way about the Sweet line, but it has no pink. It’s Kari’s choice in quick-drying stretch fabric that provides some warmth and breathes well, so you don’t overheat. The versatile tee cut is great for layering or for use by itself.

On the cooler mornings, Pam layers it with a vest. What you need to know about the Slava tee is that feminine touch, when so much of sportswear carries over from men’s lines. Kari Traa’s commitment to women is discussed on their site.

Being active in a male-dominated sport, there were few brands for girls to choose gear from. Sponsors provided Kari with black and grey dominated, masculine skiwear. So sometimes, Kari would cut off the logo on her beanies and sew them on to her own designs.

Find Kari Traa at a retailer near you, Amazon, and REI. The Svala tee costs $54.95.

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