Jill Kintner in Bellingham: Try to Keep Up

Jill Kintner in Bellingham

Jill Kintner in Bellingham is a Red Bull video that shows women’s mountain biking in a way that is rarely seen: through a pure, high-performance lens. There are no gimmicks, jokes, plotlines or gotcha hooks to take away from what was on screen.

Just raw, world-class riding from Jill Kintner in Bellingham

To do so, Jill teamed up with acclaimed director Clay Porter and created three minutes of all-out high-speed action with nothing but the sounds of her shredding to accentuate each scene.

I mentioned Jill in an article from 2012 when she won at Sea Otter.

Jill Kintner in Bellingham as seen at Sea Otter
Jill Kintner in Bellingham as seen at Sea Otter

She’s a nice person, an incredibly-talented athlete and from the Pacific Northwest.  From the edit’s description:

Inspiration always seems to strike when least anticipated. Creativity can spark from a song, a walk in the woods, or for Jill Kintner, sometimes all it takes is the right bike. This past summer Jill got her hands on Norco’s new Sight, trying out 29er wheels for the first time, which seemed like a match made in heaven.

Read the rest of the story at Red Bull and more about Jill on her site. Of particular interest is her art.

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