JBI Acquires Pure Cycles to Supply Demand

JBI Completes Acquisition of Pure Cycles

JBI Acquires Pure Cycles. After selling 200K bikes direct over the past 10 years and specializing in the urban category Pure Cycles was just acquired by JBI to lead a transportation revolution in the US.

The COVID-19 bike boom is happening, folks. And, Pure Cycles makes decent bikes at an affordable price.

Pure Cycles was founded with one mission in mind: to get more people on bikes. At JBI, we believe cycling can solve many of the world’s challenges, and by combining forces, we’re hoping to put more people on simple, affordable, awesome-looking bikes.

Pure Cycles will continue to operate as a stand-alone brand with the distribution support of JBI. There is a huge demand for affordable, stylish bikes that are distributed through trusted sales channels. And, this time the bike boom is bike-shop based instead of VC-backed bike shares or crowdfunded one offs.

JBI Acquires Pure Cycles
JBI Acquires Pure Cycles

What I like about Pure Cycles is how the matured from fixed category to full-line bike brand with offerings in road and an $800.00 adventure bike. That’s a road bike with wider tires to ride off road on dirt. Eight hundred dollars? That’s college-fixed gear pricing, but yep, that’ll put more butts on bikes right now than a $10K Open.

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