Issue 05: My First Time

From a story in Issue 05 of our magazine, dropping this weekend

From a story in Issue 05 of our magazine, dropping this weekend

In Issue 05 of our Magazine, our contributors talk about the first time with stories about a race, tour, trade show, bike shops, and being a rock ‘n rolla. Download this issue now from the iTunes store for $1.99 a month or $3.99 an issue.

Quotes pulled from the articles by Patrick Brady, Guitar Ted, Zannestar, Shawn O’Keefe, Clive, and Mike McGuffin include

The sweet sticky smell of stale beer was in the air, carried on the wisps of SFO fog. It lured me back, like cheap brothel perfume reminding a John about the good times he had. It was my first time.

Ozzy got in the back and laid down. That wasn’t even the weirdest part of the day. That afternoon, just before the catered dinner showed up for the bands, I got to talking with Tommy Lee. I figured, he’s a drummer, I’m a drummer, what could go wrong? – Patrick

Berden looked very strong throughout the race and was flying over the barriers each lap with a bunny hop. With nine laps to go Berden wiped out in the barriers. National champion Jonathan Page bumped him, intentionally it turns out.

It’s very apparent there are two kinds of companies in the bike industry. Those who are truly innovating, and those who are simply rebranding and reselling the work of others.

It was about wanderlust, the story about going for an adventure that led to the Iron Man, the Tour de France, the rebellion against racing, and back to a rural Minnesota road again

And much more, including an adventure ride that cheated death across a highway bridge with no shoulders. They lit flares before riding as hard as they could ahead of the roaring semis.

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