Inside Issue 05: Shinola Detroit

In Issue 05 of our Magazine, I share a story about reactions to a Runwell at Schooner Exact and listening in on Shinola’s President Jacques Panis pitch at Interbike. Here’s video, shot with Glass, of the Detroit pitch and Sky Yeager explaining the bike build. Shinola is about Detroit and identifying with an American brand. If you meet the owners, you know it’s what they’re living and believe in. It’s also their initial bike run in a magazine issue about firsts. Note the reactions to Jacques in the video, maybe his story will fire up more bike companies to make bikes in the States.

Issue 05 is available to download now from iTunes and costs $1.99 a month. You can find Runwells online or at a shop near you, in the Seattle area Cascade Bike Studio carries them.

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