Issue 05: My First Time

The theme for Issue 05 is “my first time” and I sent this starter paragraph out to our contributors…

The sweet sticky smell of stale beer was in the air, carried on the wisps of SFO fog. It lured me back, like cheap brothel perfume reminding a John about the good times he had. It was my first time.

They wrote back with stories about a race, tour, trade show, bike shop job, and being a rock ‘n rolla. So what did I do that first time in San Francisco? I rode The Wiggle, a one-mile, zig-zagging bicycle route from Market Street to Golden Gate Park.

Mark V accidentally glued himself to a set of my CX tubulars and then OD’ed on gum spirits trying to escape, so he’s on hiatus for this issue.

Ed. note: After a good run of 42 issues, our magazine app is no
longer available, but we’ve archived
content here on our blog.

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