Issue 03: Time for CX

After the Tour, time to get ready for Cross.

Cyclocross is the great equalizer of cycling, it’s the last remnants of the feel-great era of mountain biking. Sure you can race cross hard core and compete for the podium. But a father or mom or both can happily get lapped while competing for a personal best. And while you race you can enjoy bagpipes or a drum corps and finish off your hard day with a beer. It’s the race version of why we’re all riding in the first place, to have a good time.

Cross is a scene here in the Pacific Northwest, other parts of the country too, and this issue is dedicated to it. Because after the Tour is when cyclists start talking and thinking about cross.

Ed. note: After a good run of 42 issues, our magazine app is no longer available, but we’ve archived the content here on our blog.

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