Interbike 11 +1’d

We’ll feature content from Interbike on Google+ first. Follow me there for exclusive photo albums and posts. Need an invite to G+? Here ya go.

Google Plus, What?

g+ Google Plus is a new social network with a unique feature set. You can take the tour yourself, but it offers no character limits, threaded comments, and the ability to send content to specific groups of followers.

circle So for our Interbike coverage, I’ll create an Interbike 11 Circle and send related posts to it. To create targettable content in G+, you put it in a “circle.” You can also direct message your followers, like “hey +David Schloss beers are best at booth X.” For me, that means less email and also search results … We’red doing the same thing with circles for Cross and our Suffer Faces blog.


Once we get back from Vegas, I’ll post here and you can follow along on Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. If you’re in Vegas, join us at the Mobile Social. This year it’s a ride to a block party.

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