Huggacast Shorts PressCamp 17: Bag Balm

The funniest thing Bag Balm told me during PressCamp 17 (and there were many, Vermont people are fun) was that their t-shirt is a hit at Urban Outfitters.

“Wut?’ I replied.

And, I guessed like Bag Balm does that it’s a retro hipster thing to wear a tee with their cow logo on it.

Who knows, really, but what I do know is Bag Balm has been one of those cyclist’s secrets for like ever and the people that make Bag Balm are getting the word out about the myriad uses of their 100-yr old product.

Note that this isn’t for use on the bike like a chamois creme, but for abrasions, saddle sores, dry hands, and so on. On the coldest days, I’ve even used it to protect my skin from wind burn and cleaned up with their soap.

It really does work wonders and ships in a variety of packages like the video shows; including, a to-go pack for $17.97 on Amazon.

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