Huggacast Shorts: 3T Cycling

The buzz of PressCamp was the launch of the 3T Strada, but that’s not all we saw from Gerard and company. In their Deer Valley suite, they also showed us the carbon bits for your bike with the most bling, they’re recently-acquired THM Clavicula and Tibia stem.

If you’re into carbon, and the rare stuff, this is it, and for the purpose of shaving grams off your bike, and having it look like nothing else at the group ride.

The crank and stem from FHM also assume that budget isn’t a concern….The crank is $1096 USD because, why not?

The stem a mere $476 USD.

And, they are crazy light in the hand, and on the bike. The 3T Exploro I rode the year before was built up with both. THM’s marketing language isn’t exaggerating when they say, “Engineered like no other.” I’ve seen pretty much everything in a stem or crank made of carbon, but nothing like what THM makes.

What 3T also showed us, tipping their hat to the increase in 1x options is a 9-44 cassette from e-Thirteen on their XDR. 3T is expecting like everybody else that we’ll see a road version of SRAM’s Eagle anytime soon, and have even more range options with less jumps between cogs. When it ships a 10-36 12-speed 1X road will be awesome.

Until then, a 9-44; now, that’s still some range…..

Crank Specs

  • Weight: about 302 g (0.67 lb) for cranksystem Standard and about 293 g (0.65 lb) for cranksystem Compact
  • Mounting: fits most.
  • Chainrings: THM-Carbones recommend Praxis Works
  • Q-Factor:148 mm
  • Chainline: 43,5 mm
  • Inner width of the cranks: 118 mm
  • Available lengths: 170, 172,5 or 175 mm
  • Weight limit: 120 kg (264 lb)

Stem Specs

Weight: (100 mm): 78 g
Material: Carbon
Clamp diameter: 3I.8 mm
Bolts: Titanium M4
Stack: 40 mm
Steerer diameter: 1 – 1/8
Finish: Natural Carbon
Length: 80-100-110-120 mm
Angle: ±6°


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