How To Ride in the Rain

Earlier today I was at the Apple Store in University Village and overhead some employees talking abut riding to work in the rain. As you’d expect I engaged the conversation:

At the Apple Store answering questions about riding in the rain with their staff – via Twitter 4 hours ago.

The problem the staffers had was they loved riding to work in the Summer, Fall, but not so much in the rain. Yep – it sucks. Had to agree and explained they could make it much more tolerable with fenders (or at least a fender) and the right gear. I didn’t talk about spending on bike geek gear, just a wool liner, shell, and a change of clothes in a pack. For the budget conscious, a Filson jacket from a thrift store will work just fine, as discussed in this post earlier.

Wet longtail

In lieu of my annual post on the wet weather and bike miles, readers how do you ride in the rain? What tips do you have for someone, like the Apple Store staffers, who are just riding to work?

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