Hotspur with Mad Fiber

A Fiber Ride

Putting some miles in on the Hotspur with Mad Fibers before the first cross race

That’s the Hotspur shown with a thousand gram wheelset that costs about 3K, with no weight limit. Impressive features for a wheel that isn’t made with a modern aerodynamic shape. They are light and blowy, like a Subaru WRX to an Volvo XC70. You want to spin up fast with a rough ride around corners or roll the open road at top speed? I’d throw these into turn of the local crit without hesitation and use another wheelset for a road race. Built on stout, smooth hubs, the Mad Fibers have no drift in turns and corner like they’re on rails.

In a couple weeks, Mark V will tear those Contis off and glue up another set of Cross tires.

mad fiber with fork

Sound just like Spinergy Rev-Xs did, just lighter and tighter

In a Cross race is where I expect the fibers to excel because it doesn’t take much effort to spin them up repeatedly. Like I told Rik, “I’m going to ride the shit out of these wheels.”

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