For the Fifty Shades of Mud: Reynolds 66

For the rougher, rockier terrain and when it gets real sloppy on the course, I’ll race on these Reynolds 66s. For the fifty shades of mud we get here in the Pacific Northwest, they’re setup with Challenge Limus in the front and Griffo in the rear.

That Swirl Lip Generator induces Soil liquefaction

Soil liquéfaction inducer

The Swirl Lip Generator on the 66s should induce soil liquefaction with the mud sliding right off the wheel. The deep v shape means short spokes and a very stiff wheel that goes exactly where I point it.

Reynolds Hub

Deep v shape, short spokes, stiff and stable


Bring it on mud

While at Press Camp 12 earlier this year, Paul Lew talked with me about the demands of Cross, disc brakes, and braking surfaces. Also see another interview with Paul about carbon clinchers.

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