Group rides + aerobars + stop signs = Destiny

Casual cyclists and mtn bikers often rail against the snobbery of uptight roadies…what with their slavish dedication to Euro-cool trends, to say nothing of their condescending enforcement of “group ride rules”. But isn’t that society in general? When many individuals must coexist in limited space, our social etiquette becomes more elaborate, and the magnified consequences of an individual’s undesirable behaviours prompts the group to collectively police itself.

Take aerobars for instance. Sure, Tony Martin and Fabian Cancellara are impossibly cool when using them, but think twice about trying to emulate these heroes while on the group ride. FUNNY….er, I mean bad things can happen.

FWIW: anyone wanna have fun guessing where the incident in the video occurred? I have an educated guess based on 5 clues. My guess after the jump

I think it’s Australia based on:

1) Cyclists and cars are using left side of the road

2) Crashing cyclist has his bike with right lever to front brake (common in UK and Oz)

3) Time code on video is last month which is relevant to:

4) Arm warmers on cyclists (since it’s colder in southern hemisphere in July)

5) Palm trees in background

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