Grass-Mud Horse in Louisville

The Grass-Mud Horse is a mythical creature whose name in Chinese sounds like F your mother. The horse runs on a magnificent Plain that also sounds like it was named after something nastily related to your mother. Saw the beast yesterday on the run up out of a grassy mud bog in Louisville during CX Masters Worlds, pretty sure I did. Definitely said curse words like that thrashing through the ever-slowing sludge, could put ‘em together into a rap like this

NSFW if you speak Chinese

Whatever it was, the grassy, muddy creature propelled me to the finish and qualifying for the final on Friday.

CX Worlds Shoots the Slop

CX Magazine shoots me in the Slop

Also, thanks to Logan Owen for the ride – that’s his C bike I destroyed out there. Chandler fixed it up though. Got it clean and ready for battle.

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