Convincing A Village To Allow Bikes

My coffee and donut shop, Gypsy Donut, is a small shop focusing on making hand made products in a sustainable way. We’re in the Village of Nyack, snuggled along the Hudson River and the Village has a really lively bar scene, as well as a summer festival of concerts and a number of street fairs.

One of the things that we really hoped to achieve with the business was to create a bike-based food cart that could be used to sell our baked goods and coffee at Village events and to the crowds gathered at the bars. (We’d like to get as much caffeine in them as possible.)

Here’s the catch. For some reason there are only three vendor permits per year, all of which are used by truck-based business that are only active in the summer.

On the 14th of February we head to the Village board meeting to request a change to the number of available permits so that we can operate the food cart. In addition to having to detail our plans, it would be incredibly helpful to present case studies on how bicycle-based food vending has improved a commercial downtown, urban area or community. I’ve found lots of websites talking about the build-out of these bike carts, but I can’t find a lot of coverage on their advantages and the benefit of a sustainable transportation method.

Does anyone have any links you’d like to share? I’d be interested in walking into the meeting with a binder full of some actual data and/or quotations from customers served by these carts.

Any thoughts?


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