A Ride with George Hincapie DVD

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 Spanning from his early years as a junior to his disappointment at the 2009 Roubaix, this unadorned everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-the-guy portrait puts a microscope on the silent man of cycling, George Hincapie. Ride along with George as he shares his joys and inspirations, his fears and frustrations, his anger (or lack thereof), his hopes and dreams, his strengths and weaknesses, and his plans for the future as he gives us a unique peek into his private world. A Ride with George Hincapie is a feature-length film that provides an unprecedented look at the man behind the athlete.

“I think it will give people a really unique look at what my life is like racing and training all over the world. A Ride with George Hincapie is not like any documentary you’ve seen before.” George Hincapie

81 Minutes; Featuring George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong, Phil Liggett, Christian Vande Velde, Paul Sherwin, David Zabriskie; A Chusy Production


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