Garmin Varia Vision

While I was at CES on the camera beat, there was plenty of bike-related news happening too, like the new Garmin Varia Vision. That’s their clip-on HUD and DC Rainmaker has one in on demo. DC’s take?

I was kinda thinking to myself “well then, this looks lame”, but in reality – I came away somewhat impressed with the implementation.

Me too and most interested in connected it to Varia Radar. That interest comes from lots of time spent riding around with Google glass too, and asking why do cyclist look down so much. I want ride metrics at a glance, and an alert when cars are about to brush me.

To get that, it’ll take a compatible Garmin device, the Varia Vision, and Radar. That’s a total spend of

  • Edge 1000 – $499.99
  • Varia Radar – $199.99
  • Varia Vision – $399.00
  • $1097.00

Before I left for vacation, one of my riding bros, said, “I’d sure like to see a radar for my bike, cars have had them for a decade.” There’s a market for people concerned about their safety, but the barrier to entry is high, when you’d expect these technologies should be more affordable by now.

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