From the Bike Shop: Repair Oddities

salty BB.jpg

If you’ve been a mechanic for a long while, you’ll have come across some odd things. Take this Campagnolo Record bottom bracket. We pulled it out of a Seven titanium road frame that had been owned in Florida. Titanium is well-known for its corrosion-resistance, but that doesn’t mean the parts will survive. I don’t know how much exposure to a saltwater environment is necessary to create this much galvanic corrosion of the aluminium cups, but one of the cups came out of the frame in powdery-white, misshapen fragments. I’m from Florida, and I haven’t seen this happen before.

Though one time while living in Florida I was overhauling a English 3sp bike, and the BB turned out to be a spider’s nest. No sir, I did not care for that.

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