Freitag F-ABRIC Linen T

Ever since I visited their shop in Berlin, and then got a backpack in for review (the Victor), I’ve been a fan of Freitag. And, that’s not just for the design aesthetic, but the idea of repurposing trucking tarps and now developing new fabrics.

Freitag is an innovative, energetic company, and if you’re into the outdoor tech like me, you’ll find their new F-ABRIC line very interesting.

From the collection, I have the Flax T in. It’s lovely, biodegradable, renewable, and Freitag’s marketing is directed at creatives. They ride bikes around their factory and farms too.

Besides the casual, Euro-style, the shirt feels like the one I’ll  wear most during my next trip and expect it’ll slot in next to my fav Ibex wool tees.

That’s because of the moisture-regulating and antibacterial properties of the flax. Linen, made from flax, is the oldest textile fiber in the world and the fibers are extracted from the bast—the tissue under the plant’s bark. Freitag’s flax is grown on the Cabot family farm in Normandy.

The Flax T  launches next month and ships direct from Zurich.

The Flax T ready to travel


E731/E732 Male T-Shirt – The 100% Flax Frenchie
A lovely linen T-shirt made of fabulous French flax fibers.
Made of Linen Jersey (100 % linen)
Circular-knit and manufactured in Norte (P)
100 % compostable thanks to special sewing thread
Colors: Light Grey Heather, Grey Heather, Striped Dark Blue/Nature
Price: CHF 90.- / EUR 78.- / GBP 68.- / USD 92.- excl. TAX
Launch: April 6, 2017

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