Free Frietag Fix

On a tip from Keirin Cycle Culture Cafe in Berlin, I got a free Freitag Fix. It works sort of like a condo vacation pitch – visit the store, learn about their bags, and ride a fixie for free


and it’s a nice one, made by Gorilla. Check the custom stand. You can’t see it in the photos, but there’s a built-in pump too.


A Day with # 02

From the Freitag store, I rode a loop on # 02 around the Hackescher Market train station and stopped occasionally for photos. Also noticed the stack of shipping container offices and more street art.


Use me, Cruise me, Abuse me

Offering free, quality, fun bikes to ride is smart marketing from Freitag when you consider that most rental bikes are dowdy hybrids. I liked the Gorilla so much, rode another loop without my Mission Workshop bag and camera, just for fun.

Thanks to Martin for hosting me and sharing the story of Frietag.


We talked bags at length, compared styles and notes, and his bike has an Obey sticker on the head tube.

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