Berlin Velocouture and Bike Lanes

This Berlin cyclist saw the camera, posed, and smiled. I spent an afternoon with # 02, a free Fixie from the Freitag store, and paused on the other side of a pedestrian bridge to shoot some photos.


As I wrote earlier, Berlin is like Amsterdam lite – flat, bike-friendly with extensive infrastructure. Bikes have the right away and despite the cabbies (like anywhere else) we rode alongside cars that were respectful and gave us room. You can rent a bike on most every corner, from the hotel, and rental shops.

Call a Bike even has an app to tell you where their closest rental bike is.

Call for a Good Time

While a bike town, Berlin also has rules and checkpoints. Karl Addison, our ride host, got popped for no brakes and no lights.

Ticket Police on His Back.

That’s his second offense and a fine. The third offense results in a confiscated bike.

Biking by the Berlin Wall

Everything in Berlin is 20 minutes away by bike, train, or subway, and we rode all over with Karl showing us the touristy stuff and the Berlin Wall.

As Berlin’s Mayor says, the city is poor, but sexy. Also a good ride.

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