Electric Bikes on Maui

Electric Bikes on Maui rented from South Maui Bicycles

We rode electric bikes on Maui earlier this year. Having just finished watching White Lotus, it reminded me to share the story. And, recommend you rent electric bikes too. South Maui Bicycles has a fleet of Treks.

Trek Domane+
You have to look close to notice this Domane+ has a motor.

Riding an e-bike around an island was a nice change of pace and made for a good recovery after a hard ride on the West Maui Loop. In case you missed it, White Lotus is a satire comedy-drama and the action takes place one beach over from our favorite vacation spot.

Maui Beach White Lotus
Shot during a trip to Maui in 2018 with the Sigma 14mm f1.8

If you’ve seen my landscape photos from Maui, they’re taken from the same beach where the son Quinn rows a Hokule with locals. There wasn’t much drama to our trip, just good rides, and no murder. We did feel the sense of escape Quinn does. I won’t spoil the narrative for you. Watch it yourself. It’s entertaining.

Electric Bikes on Maui
Electric Bikes on Maui rented from South Maui Bicycles

So what happened with the electric bikes was, once travel was allowed we booked a trip. After getting settled, we stopped by South Maui Bicycles to get some co2 cartridges and said hello to Jeffrey. He mentioned a couple of Domane+ LTs had just arrived and asked if we wanted to try them out. I replied, “Sure!”

Trek Domane+ LT
If I’m going to ride an e-bike, I want it to look like a regular bike.

Performance Electric Bike that Looks Like a Regular Bike

That was a good vacation decision (many bad decisions are made in the White Lotus story arc). The Domane+ is a performance electric road bike that looks and handles just like a regular road bike. The part-time assist  Fazua drive system seamlessly kicks on the climbs and when needed on the flats. The Domane is a bike I recommend to my roadie friends for a smooth ride. This model has power when you need it.

Electric Bikes on Maui
Domane+ LT in Maui

The frame-integrated Fazua system performs with a 250Wh battery that sustains speeds of up to 20 mph and delivers continuous assist for up to 65 miles. With the motor and battery installed, the 56 cm bike I rode weighs 24 lbs. Most noticeable was how smooth Trek’s road suspension is with 38 tires and disc brakes. That’s lighter than my S&S travel bike. Additionally, the controls for the Fazua system are integrated into the frame’s top tube. That opens up space on the handlebar for a GPS, light, and bell (useful for alerting tourists that you’re passing).

On your next trip to Maui, rent an e-bike and try it our yourself. South Maui  Bicycles is our fav shop. Besides great service, they’ll offer you ride tips and maybe even a take on White Lotus. After visiting Maui for 20 years, what I can say is there is a complicated dynamic. The island is a place that relies on tourism but the economic gains from that tourism don’t seem to proportionally benefit Hawaiians.

I didn’t think about the conflicts at all during our rides and rest but did watching the show and seeing the beach where I take photos.

Maui White Lotus
Maui operates in a complicated dynamic. We go there to ride and rest.

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