Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank for the Cabin

Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank

At 63 watts of total output, the Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank is enough to recharge my devices. Spending more time in the North Cascades, I need backup power. I’ll use the Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank ($60 on Amazon) until I can get the generator running. The wood stove fired up and power back to the house, as needed.

The portable charger comes equipped with two USB-A ports to recharge as well as a 45W USB-C port. The power bank is covered in soft, water-repellent linen canvas. It has a soft touch frame around the side. The built-in LCD display the remaining battery life in a clear number. Bonus the canvas cover matches the Peak Design tripod I carry and their phone cases.

Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank
Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank

I tested charging 3 devices at once and it worked great.


  • Multi-Device Backup Power: 20,000mAh backup battery with 63W total output over three ports (45W USB-C PD, 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, 5W USB-A 2.4A) can charge 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Ultra-Fast:  The two high power fast charge ports (USB-C Power Delivery and USB-A Quick Charge 3.0) deliver power at 2x the speed.
  • Universal USB-C/USB-A Compatibility: Automatic device detection charges safely and efficiently.
  • Stylish and Practical Design: Slim and portable profile, covered in soft waterproof linen canvas and a soft touch frame. The LCD display shows the remaining battery life at a glance.
  • Package Includes: Laptop Power Bank, USB-C to USB-C cable (3ft/0.91m), USB-C to USB-A adapter tip, user manual.
  • Designed in Italy.

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