Duer Jeans for Bike Month

At the risk of using a dated cultural reference, I always wanted a pair of Chuck Norris Action Jeans. You know why, because they “won’t bind your legs.” Duer Jeans are as close as I’ll get to the action jeans version. I’m wearing them for Bike Month and long after that.

I’m not stunt fighting in action movies. Just riding a townie around Seattle. While the designers probably made them without any reference to Chuck Norris I’m happy those jeans have finally arrived.

They have a gusseted crotch, reinforced seams, and are from Duer and a follow up to their Kickstarter, a revolutionary no-sweat pant. Getting more current, imagine if Lululemon for Men made a pair of jeans that were so comfortable, it’s what you wore all the time.

Like, wore them so much, you get a second pair to not wear them out.

That’s what I did. My wife did too. The straight and narrow Onyx.

Wearing the stretchy denim includes on/off the bike and for travel. Duer sent me their seriously technical fabric, in the L2X denim flavor to coincide with National Bike Month. You bet I recommend them for commuting and when paired with a breathable tee or collared shirt. Prefer Chinos, Duer makes those too and calls them Live Free.

It make sense that sells a DWR treated denim for wet weather as well. They’re based in Vancouver, a city like Seattle just north of the border in Canada.

In comparison, these feel like premium sweats when on and much less stiff than the denim Rapha or Levis sells to cyclists; although, without the visibility accents.

Duer denim is made with Spandex, COOLMAX, and Silvadur for odor controls.

That’s lots of tech. What you need to know is they’re low rise, true to size, and very comfortable. I’m not a brand ambassador for Du/Er just an enthusiast and respect them for launching a successful company from Kickstarter (that used to be a thing).

I have the Duers in Vintage and Galatactic. Both costs $129.00 and shared here with a referral link that gives me a credit back so I can get even more super comfortable jeans. If clicked and a pair of Duers are purchased, you’ll get a credit too: $25.00.

Pretty much like the ones Chuck Norris wore.

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