Don’t Steal the High Life, Bro


This bike wasn’t stolen, but another one like it was and recovered

On Wednesday this week, I get calls, emails, Facebook posts, and a few tweets about a Raleigh High Life for sale on Craigslist. Alert readers noticed the photos in the listing had a unique wheel set, our Hevics, and think that’s my bike. As Mark V grumpily confirmed at 6 AM via text, the Hugga High Life was safe and sound in the shop and certainly not for sale at $350.00 in Magnolia. Even Joey of Joey’s OK fame called me from the road and I said, “I’m OK! and so is the bike.”


I didn’t know if the bike was stolen, the thief just used our images from this post, or what. So I pinged Craig from Craiglist about the stolen images and the listing was removed.

Meanwhile, .83 is on the case of Gretche’s stolen bike and recovers it. That was her bike and the thief used my photos. That’s like grand larceny in bad bike karma.

Don’t Steal the High Life, Bro

While all that’s going on, Jenny D, aka JennAir, is racing the bike this year. She picked it up last night and was really happy that she got her bike and Gretchen got hers.

jenny with her bike

Jenny has the Hugga Hodala Bike now and is looking good

Thanks to the Seattle-area bike community for getting my back on this stolen bike and getting the one that was stolen back.


Also see reports from King5, KUOW, and Seabikeblog.

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