Do You Remember Ibex for Cycling?

Remember Ibex

Do you remember Ibex? I sure do…we did a lot of great events with them, back in the day. Peak “Hugga,” as it were. Well, I just got a mysterious email from them saying, “So where’d we go?”

It continues:

Basically, back to the drawing board. Yes, Ibex was great. But we believe it can be wonderful.

What’s a better way to make our clothes?

What are the pieces you want to wear the most?

How and where do you want to wear them?

And how can we make them easier to get?

We’re working on it-all of it. And in the next few months, Ibex will be back, and it will be wonderful.

Forget how much you loved Ibex before, and imagine how much more you could love it.

Naturally Yours,  The Ibex Team

It seems Ibex is coming back this fall and that sounds great. For now, their site isn’t offering much more than a video of sheep. There’s an offer to take 10% off the first order too. The last news I read was in March of 2018 when new owners were announced.

We’ll see what happens, I’m still wearing all my Ibex liners and underwear. And, it’s starting to wear out.

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