Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles 2020

Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles 2020

I expect 2020 to be another great year for Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles. That’s the shop we write this blog from and where I’ve had a dozen bikes built.

Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles 2020
Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles 2020

Like the Modal, D-Plus, and most recently Mark V’s Ultra Travel Bike. That one is for traveling. It’s built up with rim brakes and S&S couplings. The bike has purple/violet bits from Chris King, Paul Components, Phil Wood, and Cane Creek. By some improbable chance, all are the same hue of purple. Mark described the Ultra like

Titanium Davidson road bike with S&S couplings, SRAM eTap, custom titanium anodizing, and plenty of purple parts from Chris King, eeBrakes, Phil Wood, and Paul Components.

The downtube logo is a reproduction of a 1970s-era Davidson graphic. I now want my next bike to get anodized.

Pick one color
Pick a color

If you visit the shop in Fremont, take notice of the new sign and get to know Bill. He’ll design you a frame for purpose and need. Then the onsite machine shop will precisely cut, bend and machine the tubes.

In all my years of riding bikes, I’ve settled on Ti tubing and a steel fork.

The latest project I’ll pick up in 2020, is turning my old CX racing bike into a townie. It’s a remarkable thing to build a bike with one purpose and then repurpose it into something else. You can’t really do that with carbon bikes made in big factories.

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