D-Plus: This Bike Is Built to Fight

Bottom bracket

Spent a few more intimate moments with the D-Plus before it’s machined, polished, and painted. While I’m riding, talking, and hosting Built at SXSW this custom, handbuilt Davidson Cross bike will debut at the Seattle Bike Expo. It’s called the D-Plus because of all the +1s the build has.


In the background is the Elliott Bay Bicycles Machine shop where this one-of-a-kind bike was made. It represents the work of a master builder, bike stylist, machinist, welder, and creative direction from me.

When my mind wanders during a lull in the Austin action, it’s to this bike and riding it.

I don’t know how they’re going to paint it. They’ll just hand it to me. I’ll say thank and proceed to beat a patina into it. Expect no art paint or for this to hang on a studio wall. No Fondos or Sunday afternoon bike path rides either.

This bike is built to fight. Check how muscular it is…

Seat stays

See more photos of the D-Plus and how it’s being made in the lightbox view on G+. Also on Flickr.

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