Coyote Creek Trail to Morgan Hill

We rode from SJC to Morgan Hill via the Coyote Creek Trail yesterday. The downtown part of the ride was a bit confusing with a trail terminating at a railroad crossing.

Specialized Globe

We thought if any locals saw they’d wonder WTF we were doing on that trail and Reeve who works for the RR had to tell me

Stay off the tracks. Railroads are private property and you are likely trespassing. Always expect a train, any time, any direction. Yeah, you’re smart and prolly won’t get hurt. Its kind of like wearing a helmet while motorcycling. Operation Lifesaver. I work for the rr so I have to say that.


Stopping for Turkish coffee we all marveled at the Starfuckers trick fixie bike. It was outside of Japanese store that sells clothes and fixie gear.

Ride Mojo


I found this toy that became the ride mojo and the mojo was working when a California Condo buzzed us and a turkey made sure we knew who was boss of the trail. We also saw deer and turtles, but not many other cyclists on the trail. They must come out on the weekends with their families.

Mexican Mini Golf

A few hours later, we arrived and ate lunch at Morgan Hill’s premiere mexican restaurant/minature golf course where I shot a hole-in-one!

Sushi and True Morgan Hillers

For dinner, it was sushi and then a bike pile at M&H for drinks where we met true Morgan Hillers.

Specialized Bike Pile

Today we’re riding to Specialized HQ for a tour and more time with @globebikes.

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