Ask Bike Hugger: Globe Cargo, Really?

Reader Julian asks us if Globe Bikes are really for cargo.

Hey! As some of the few guys to ride Globe bikes more than once, I’m curious to know what you think of the Live and Haul, and your gut check favorite. Wondering how the Live porteur rack handles a front load (like your roll-on suitcase!) in motion and when parked & loading. And curious about the utility of the slightly stretched Haul rack. It’s a gorgeous rack, but without custom larger panniers (how much larger could they be?), it seems that a Live with aftermarket rear rack and panniers might be its cargo equal. I understand the Haul’s welded-on rack can handle much more weight, but realistically how would you carry that weight without freeloaders or other cargo solution? And isn’t the Haul begging for a centerstand (Hebie or other) rather than the chainstay-mounted kickstand? Love to know your thoughts! – Julian

The answer is light cargo yes, but not a big industrial load no. The bikes are errand-running, grocery-getters and work well for that purpose and a bit heavier loads, but I wouldn’t use them for delivering goods.

As you can see in the photos, I carried my suitcase from the Airport and rode the Live about 30 miles to Morgan Hill. Once the suitcase was strapped down, the ride was good. The bike was predictably tippy when parked and will fall over unless secured, even with a centerstand. I leaned it against a tree (known as a Treestand) when we stopped at Bicycle Express.

Coyote Creek Trail

For the Haul, I’d strap a box onto the rack and hang panniers from the side and think it would work well for lighter loads. I’d also look at upgrading the parts, as they wear out. Lower-end Nexus may prove too finicky for a city errand bike and the heavy, but bullet-proof Nuvinci will work with less missed shifts. A crank you can flex with your hand and the threads strip when you change pedals isn’t acceptable. Switch those cranks out as well.

Don’t let the Cargonistas playah hate on these bikes. They are absolutely capable for the city, but they’re not going to carry a load like a WorkCycles bike. The bike line isn’t intended to do that and Globe doesn’t claim they are.

Yes the Haul should have a center stand and any spec choices like that are price points. The Live ships with a Swiss-made Plesher. That’s an expensive and capable stand. I guess a Plesher on the Haul would have cost too much. Your local shop should have Pleshers or others and can switch it out for you. You can also get a custom one like the Rolling Jackass.

Coyote Creek Trail

The news from our recent visit is that the Mixte is shipping to the States. We think that’s the best bike in the line and Globe isn’t marketing it as a girl’s bike in pink. Front basket, disc brakes, step-through frame, and Plesher center stand all make for one nice city bike. The Mixte does have a questionable out-of-reach, bottle cage placement, but ok. At least the bike has one. The Roll does not.

Globe Bikes: Mixte

If you do get one of these, let us know. I’d also suggest you take a pedal wrench and bang the frame up a bit. Get over the first scratch and let the patina set in. For city bikes, the Globes are too pretty and will show wear right quick. They’re like jeans-wearing, baristas dressed up for a weekend of clubing. After one dance, the nylons are torn, pumps scraped up, and it’s back to work on Monday.

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