Climate Riders and their Bikes

Just a sample of the people I’m riding with on the Climate Ride this weekend with Filter for Good


By day he works on reforesting Nicaragua. I called him the Closer after he saved just enough to lay down an effort and bring it home.

Geothermal Rock n’ Rollas

Climate Ride: GeoThermal Rock n Rollas

Best kit award goes to the Geothermal Girls

Xtracycle Longtail

Climate Ride: Cockpit High Rez

Hardest work man on this ride is pedaling this beast over rolling Pennsylvania terrain.

Mr. Happy

Climate Riders

Even after all that climbing, dude is still smiling every time I see him.

What is the Climate Ride?

If the Climate Ride was one of our Mobile Socials, I’d title it something like MoSo Intellectual Edition. Today I rode with with an electrical engineer, doctor of microbiology, the IT guy that built a Thomson Reuters database, and the reforester above.  Like-minded people riding along talking about issues that matter to them, is just like any group ride. 

We all need a good mechanic too. 

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