#BikeNYC Bike Path Assault

Gothamist covered the #BikeNYC bike path assault today following the earlier coverage on Streets Blog NYC. Both sites pieced the story together from our tweets and Flickr photos. The next day I started the Climate Ride and decided it’s bad mojo to make the assault a big story for us and are uncomfortable with blogging about what is essentially a crazy guy doing a crazy thing.

Mandiberg with Assaulter in background

Victim and Perp

For those of us on the ride, it’s not a story about right of way, or a bike backlash in NYC, but a random, violent act.

Commenters on Gothamist and Streets blog are spinning the story per their political beliefs or agenda. What I know is we’re riding along and our Bro goes attacked. I’ve ridden many miles in faraway places and have never seen anything like it. My colleagues on and off the ride were stunned. I hope nothing like it happens again in any city.

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