Cargonistas at the Bicycle Urbanism Symposium

Vittora Classics

Here comes the Hotstepper

Didn’t have time to change after the bike culture panel at the Bicycle Urbanism Symposium and attended a Village Theater showing of Chicago in urban cycling gear. Thought I’d pulled it off until a waiter followed me from the restaurant into the theater lobby to ask me where I got the shoes. Damn bike culture is everywhere!

Two years in the making and the first of its kind, the symposium is exploring the way cities can best encourage and accommodate bicycle travel in the future. After hanging out with academics, advocates, policy makers and Cargonistas like this today, will have more to report.


Cargonistas: @familyride, @totcycle, Erica, @meehu

I’m also working on another trend story for Wired about the bike. Oh and those shoes are custom, one-of Vittoria Classics. Worn to represent at the symposium where I’d dipped into my Velocouture stash, but nothing as good as these Cyclepal knickers @sgluckman wore.

Nice knickers, brah

Nice knicks, brah

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