Across America In a Week On a Bike

RAAM Winner

Photo: Vic Armijo via Paved

As it was said to me, a sport that about 35 people participate in, doesn’t garner much media attention. A headline that a cyclist rode across America in a week does and that’s a remarkable achievement. Strasser’s ride took less time than a train or scenic road trip by car. Paved magazine has the rest of the story.

Christoph Strasser has earned his 2nd Race Across America win, reaching Annapolis this afternoon in a record time (pending certification) of 7 days, 22 hours and 11 minutes with an overall average speed of 15.56 mph, thus becoming the first rider to finish RAAM in under 8 days

And to getting more cyclists involved in endurance events like RAAM, in 2013, they started a challenge series.

For another remarkable ride, see this post about Mike Hall who rode around the world in 91 days.

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