Bont Gravel Shoes

Bont Gravel Shoes

Bont Gravel Shoes are a performance shoe that I honestly didn’t expect to like, but I did. The shoes—the Vaypor G—are comfortable and super light, but I’d save them for race day only.

The reason is, with a carbon chassis, the shoe does not give. As you get into a ride, if your feet swell up, you’re going to feel the shoe more than you’d want to or I least I want to. For shorter fast rides where lightness is a priority, then by all means have a set of Vaypor Gs made for you.

I did.

The Vaypor G is Bont’s flagship shoe and is made with their carbon technology. You can ride them for MTB too, even if they’re marketed as a gravel shoe. They don’t have lugs protecting the heel or toe though.

Bont Gravel Shoes
Bont Gravel Shoes

Bont Gravel Shoes Features

Durolite Outer Skin—Durolite is the Vaypor G upper. So far it’s been durable.

Dual BOA Dial—IP1 BOA dials have been fitted to the Vaypor G for ease of adjustment. The BOA dial is centrally located to minimise the tourniquet effect. The IP1 system includes dual directional micro adjustment as well as quick release functionality. The shoes are easy to get in and out of, even with the BOA.

Grip Plate—The Sole has been designed to maximize grip and minimize retention of dirt & mud. Grip components are replaceable with spike mounts located in toe section. What I said above about the carbon chassis means you’re also going to feel the plate, if your feet swell up.


  • Model: Vaypor G
  • Material: Unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis with Durolite upper and faux seude leather liner
  • Stack Height: 3.6 mm
  • Air Vents: Frontal area and tongue air vents
  • Innersole: EVA thermo-moldable
  • Sole Guards: Replaceable
  • Padding: Memory Foam
  • Cleat Mounting: MM grid plus grip / SPD compatible
  • Fit Customization: Fully Heat Moldable Chassis utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
  • Closing Options:
  • Dual dial retention system with Kevlar wiring
  • Sizing Options: Stock, Wide & Narrow Fit, Full Custom
  • Color Options: Black/Black, Black/Red

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