Bike Hugger Invades Austin

Note: “Robert Jolly”: wrote this post for us. Robert is “Happy Cog’s”: Client Relations Director based out of their Philadelphia office. He will be riding in the SXSW Mobile Social this year, and may very well be found singing off-key at “OK! Happy Cog’aoke”: after the event.

43% More Bike Culture

Attention cyclists and South By Southwest attendees, the Bike Hugger Mobile Social SXSW on March 14th just keeps getting better and better. This is quickly becoming one of the premier official SXSW events, with the amount bike culture (awesomeness) multiplying as the event grows near.

The Urban Ride

The “Urban Ride route”: is set, featuring a parade up and down Congress and a lap around the Texas Capitol. It’s all about fun and celebrating bikes in all their forms along with tech, art, and design intersections with cycling that an event like SXSW brings.

Anyone can ride, even without a SXSW badge. Everyone who wants to ride in Austin with us can come on out. You just need to “sign up for the ride”: And, all riders who sign up will be on the list to attend the BBQ and party.

The BBQ and Party


This is an official SXSW event, and you’ll need a SXSW badge, or be a participant in the Urban Ride to attend. Believe me when I tell you, if you’re a SXSW’er you won’t want to miss this party, even if you can’t make the ride. The party will feature live entertainment, great food and drink, and awesome people to mix with.

Like the ride, we’re asking you to “let us know if you’re attending the BBQ”: so that we can plan appropriately.

Tons of schwag. Crazy amounts.

There’s an ever-increasing pile of schwag slated to be given away. Including:


  • “Madsen Tub Bike”:
  • “Gary Fisher Simple City”:

Gear & Other stuff

  • “Hed Wheels”: – a set of Ardennes
  • “Ibex”: gear – all kinds of wool stuff
  • “Crumpler”: custom, one-off art bags
  • Shoes from “”:
  • Coudal “Field Notes”:
  • “An Event Apart”: VIP coupons
  • And much, much more.

Ride Details:

  • Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009
  • Time: 2:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Start/End Location: Susanna Dickinson House at Brush Square Park (Austin, TX)
  • Etc: Leisurely-paced ride with ride leaders.
  • Sign-Up: “”: – Free and open to all.


  • Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009
  • Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM
  • Location: Brush Square Park (Austin, TX)
  • Etc: Too much fun not to miss.
  • Sign-Up: “”: – Must either sign up and ride or have SXSW badge to attend.

If you need a bike for the ride, “Bicycle Sport Shop”: has rentals, and “Mellow Johnny’s”: can hook you up with something shiny and new, too. Hope to see you there!

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