BikeFlights to Interbike and Interbike announced a program today to encourage Interbike 2018 attendees to bring their bikes and ride them at the show’s new location in Reno, Nevada.

Interbike is the bike industry’s largest trade show and is the simplest solution to travel with a bike. There will be a variety of riding options in Reno including morning group or individual road rides before the show opens, mountain biking just a couple of miles from the convention center and commuting to/from the hotels in the Interbike housing block during the show.

To accommodate riding, Interbike will offer a large bike parking area during the expo that will be monitored by dedicated security guards. You can pick to have the bike shipped to a FedEx center, hotel, house, or shop.

Click through shipping guide for shipping dates and addresses that have been pre-populated for event partner receiving locations.

Interbike Marketweek will take place in the Reno Tahoe region beginning with a new consumer demo and festival in North Lake Tahoe, CA, September 15-16, 2018, followed by OutDoor Demo on September 16-17, 2018, and closing with the Interbike Expo September 18-20, 2018.

We’ve used to get our bikes to CrossVegas and just recently during our annual Maui vacation. It’s a bike-forwarding scheme that totally works and I’d recommend it for those attending the show; especially if you use their Coroplast box.

If I attend the show this year, I’ll do so with the Modal and ship it with best rates so it’s waiting for me at what I think will be a rented house in Reno.

Clicking through the shipping process, the rate for 2-day shipping and S&S is $24.95 each way—a total of $49.95.

That’s less than what Alaska now charges, way less than other airlines, and means I’m not dragging a bike case and suitcase through the airport.

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