Bicycle Tires More Choices Than Ever

You know everybody in the bike biz is talking about the motorization of the road and mountain bike categories, but an even more significant trend taking place is in tires. In the past few months, we’ve written about new offerings from

And, there’s even a new real-time tire pressure gizmo from Quarq. Now Challenge has released their TLR, Gravel Grinder tire.

Before that and 120 years after making their first bicycle tire, Goodyear enters the US market with a new line of performance bicycle tires.

Developed with Rubber Kinetics, who specializes in performance cycling products and urban solutions, the Goodyear line utilizes refined compounds and casings, each purpose-built for their intended environments. The tubeless designs covers the mountain, urban, road, and gravel categories.

All of these are worthy competitors to what we consider a benchmark for the Pacific Northwest: the Schwalbe Ones and Panaracer Gravel Kings. (The Compass aren’t new, boutique, and fabulous too).

It’s about to go down with @zippspeed @compasscycle

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As I’ve been saying since last year, it’s never been a better time to be a bike enthusiast with so much great gear, kit, and bikes available. The only hard part with so many choices is finding the brand you love the most. I’ partial to WTB Horizon’s for gravel.

It wasn’t that long ago, when tire choices amounted to Conti, Michelin, or Vittoria.

Of the Goodyears launched, the Eagle All Seasons offer the most new tech; including, what they call Tubeless Complete. That’s a bead and casing that doesn’t require a compressor to install.

If Tubeless Complete works as they say it does and a cyclist can swap out tubeless tires without visiting a shop, that’s a game changer and a competitive advantage.

Because that is not the case now.

Goodyear’s Tubeless Complete tech also promises a supple, consistent feel, and super rolling resistance.


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