Highly Visible ProViz Nightrider LED Jacket

A highly visible ProViz Nightrider jacket arrived to demo and I handed it to Pam to try on her commute. This is what she texted me on her ride into work downtown from West Seattle.

I’ve been riding in Seattle traffic since before the roads were paved and before people got aggressive and riding was relaxing. Now I have to ride off hours – sometimes in the dark due to traffic. These days I take solace in a predawn commute every now and then. And, when I do I like to be lit up. Was feeling really great about my ProViz setup until I met a fellow commuter who had the matching ProViz pants!

Essentially, what ProViz has done is taken high-visiblity materials, like you’d see construction workers wear, and fit them to cyclists. The bright-yellow jacket has three white LED lights on each forearm, and five red LED lights on the lower back. The lights are powered by a small USB rechargeable battery pack housed in a tailored inside pocket. The battery pack is operated from the outside (so no need to unzip the jacket) with a touch of a button that allows you to choose from three different lighting modes; flash, fast flash and constant. A a feature of those lower lights is you can wear a backpack and still see them.

The $185 jacket is designed to have a more fitted cut and it is manufactured from polyester pongee material (thinnish), which gives great breathability and waterproofing and a high-quality feel. It’s not as breathable as a Gore, or eVent, but is serving a different purpose.

The inside soft-touch mesh is comfortable along with multiple pockets for storage; underarm zips and shoulder vents with adjustable cuffs, reflective panels and sealed waterproof zips out front.

It’s a top quality cycling jacket that’s highly visible. Now about those pants…..

Find ProViz online direct or ask for them at a retailer near you. You can also find an assortment of ProViz on Amazon; including closeout pricing on older versions of their jackets and vests.

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