All-New Bontrager AW3 Tires For Winter

Trek AW3

Today All-New Bontrager AW3 tires were released. The AW3 Hard-Case and AW3 Hard-Case Lite were both completely redesigned. They mark a significant improvement over the prior all-weather models. Trek said in the PR, the tires will deliver 78% better protection against punctures. Wheel Energy independently validated improvements in puncture protection.

All-New Bontrager AW3 Tires

You should also expect longer lasting tread compound from Bontrager’s most popular line of tires. The AW3 are winter tires that balance traction with ride quality. They are in stock. Trek retailers sell them for $59.99. That’s a reasonable price for a tire of this sort.

Sizes range from 25 to 38mm in 700cc. You’ll probably end up riding them year round if your roads are anything like those in the Pacific Northwest.

Additionaly, Trek knows winter riding. You can tell by their specs. They’re frugal winter cyclists too. Because these tires will last.

All-New Bontrager AW3 Tires Features

  • Updated subtread puncture protection layer
  • Nylon/aramid weave
  • Updated tread pattern
  • All-new proprietary compound
  • Reflective sidewall option
Trek AW3 Tire
Performance in all conditions.

The tread pattern is reminiscent of Continental GPs with a smooth-rolling center. What’s more, the textured shoulder will help keep the bike upright in tight turns on bike paths. With this purpose in mind, siped channels whisk water away. TR-Endure is Trek’s proprietary rubber compound that makes the tires possible.

I’d pick the lite version for most days and in the same way, the hardest version for rolling gravel miles.

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