Adventure Neo Allroad StepThru

Adventure Neo Allroad

The Adventure Neo Allroad StepThru is with our East Coast editor David Schloss. He just had knee surgery and is recovering with the Cannondale ebike sent him plus a helmet.

Below is a short about both.

The Allroad StepThru is engineered for ease of use, which David needs right now.

Adventure Neo Allroad StepThru
Easy to get on and ride after knee surgery.

Adventure Neo Allroad StepThru Highlights

  • Durable, Low-step aluminum frame for easy on and off
  • Powerful 250W hub motor with thumb throttle provides electric assist up to 20 MPH
  • Up to 47-mile range on a single charge
  • Stocked with an easy to read LED display and integrated lights

As equipped, the Neo Allroad EQ retails for $1,825. It is a Class 2 e-bike. It reaches 20 mph and includes a Rider Assist mode aka a throttle. The rider assist matches the speed of traffic. Lights, fenders and a rear rack are included. The bike also has a powerful Bafang 250 Wh motor and 418 Wh battery.

For running errands by bike, the Neo Allroads come equipped with heavy-duty rear racks with stout, 55lb/25kg weight capacities. All Allroad models feature a new front rack mounting system cleverly hidden under the front head badge. These mounts are for new Cannondale OutFront rack offerings with 33lb/15kg capacity.

Added bonus, you can charge you phone while riding with the integrated USB port.

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