Talking While Riding (and chewing gum)

A recent AP article reported that tech firms are working on “creating applications that do everything from making a smartphone screen transparent to transforming speech into text.” They doing this to prevent people from injuring themselves and others while looking at their phones:

A personal friend almost walked right into a manhole while looking at her phone,” he said. “Another friend was actually run over by a bike messenger. She wasn’t paying attention, walked into the street and the bike messenger walloped her.

Sidenote that Apple’s iPhone 4 seems to have solved this problem with proximity detectors that put calls on hold, mute, or hang up when the phone touches your face.

Anyone working on bike-related apps for this? Voice-activated GPS? Do you wear a bluetooth while riding? One of our bros rides with a Jitterbug, with the big buttons so he can use it easily on the bike.

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With all the sudies out there that have deemed distracted driving just as dangerous as drunk driving, can we please just put the phones down? 

If I’m out on a ride and expecting a call or text, I pull over to address it.  If I’m not expecting any communication, the phone stays in my jersey pocket until I take a break or finish the ride.

We’ve all had close calls with drivers on cell phones, right?  Please don’t contribute to the chaos, fellow cyclists.

Good point and we don’t disagree, but we’ve got more gadgets than ever on our bikes, not including the phone: power meters, GPS.

I was nearly hit by 2 “bike salmon” on my commute home yesterday - both were on cell phones.

With Seattle roads so decayed, you don’t even have to be talking or run into a talker! I hope you’ll check out this article posted yesterday at -!)-road/

Comments there from cyclists will focus the city on what most needs attention. Thanks!


Generally why we avoid politics on this blog, like the gimmick McGinn used with his bike while trying to derail the tunnel that’ll help cyclists or how SoDo is a total mess for cyclist to ride in while all the attention is on Stone Way and Ballard.

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