Citibike’s Successful Launch

Bitch Cakes Bikes

Best Citibike photo was of Bitch Cakes riding around

By the numbers, Citibike launched with 6050 trips, an average of 20.48 minutes, and 13,768 miles traveled. That’s remarkable and the type of riding we experienced in Paris with Velib. Sure the bikes are crap, but who cares!? Cause you ride from station to station and drop them off and then get another. They’re truly utility bikes. Expect a bike boom too, as I found in my trips to Taipei and talked about that in a Huggacast. After installing a network of bike lanes, stalls showed up vending goods, then restaurants, shopping districts, and now brides pose on them for their photo books.

Bike Path Bride

The best review of Citibikes I read was from Dave Winer who wrote

It was on the subway that I realized that I had just used a new form of city transport, one that’s perfectly suited for NY. I encountered a few other riders on my way. There’s a Zero Day kind of feel to it. People seem excited. The bikes are nice. And there are enough bike lanes to get around.

And despite all the complaining, what was expected.

Mobile Cinema by Bike

Run the Dutch through Google Translate to get the whole story. The short version is Maarten von Bongers made a bike-based, mobile cinema, and cool.

A Bike Time Capsule


Workbench mug

A workbench mug full of bits and pieces is like a bike time capsule. It’s filled to the brim with quick release springs, spacers, lock rings, a valve extender, PowerTap cap wrench, and more. Spill the contents out, assemble them in order, and see a timeline, including some Manitou MTB schwag. Can’t remember where that mug originally came from, just that it’s there on the bench in the bike shop.

Cover Story: Urban Cycles, NYC Bike Share


After riding Velib all over Paris, my mind changed on city-wide bike share. Go big or go home was the declaration, meaning if you’re going to deploy a successful share, do it across a city so cyclists can ride from one station to the next. And that’s what NYC has done like Paris, Montreal, and DC. After software delays and flooding delays, NYC Bike Share is live and happening now. So significant a change for the city, it made a New Yorker Cover. In an interview, the illustrator Marcellus Hall said, “I’ve only been ‘doored’ twice and continues to explain how he survives managed to survive for fifteen years as a cyclist in the city.

I’m very careful. I look into the side mirrors of the parked cars to see if there’s movement inside. I ride only on the left side of the street because there’s less of chance of a passenger getting out than of a driver. Actually, I read it in some cyclist publication that, as a cyclist, you’re allowed to take up a whole lane and sometimes, I even do that—though it’s a risky proposition. I’m not one of those hard-core bike freaks; it’s just a good way for me to get around in the city

It’ll probably prove the best way and to his point, the last time I rode in NYC, our group got attacked. There’s only so much space there and while they’ve added 350 miles of bike lanes, “I hope nobody gets hurt,” Mr. Liu told the NYT.

But this is thousands of bicycles on the streets of Manhattan, used by people who haven’t ridden bikes on the streets of Manhattan.

True and they figured it out in Paris and London, where Boris bikes led to an economic boom. After all the complaints, expect they’ll figure it out in NYC too.



Meme-band value drops

Seen at a garage sale.

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