Maui 13: Tarmacs and Tacos

Lanai Bikeshop

A Lanai bike shop with a Thule stand that’s inside the Transition case

The story was supposed to continue a season of riding Hydro with a trip to Maui, where we’d ride up and down a volcano, but you all know by now with the recall, that got cut. So Specialized and SRAM rushed out a Tarmac Pro with Force 22, Rovals and Zipp 303s. Traveled with the Tarmac in Thule’s new Transition case and after the flight, and arriving at the vacation condo, set up the Thule stand for a impromptu Lanai bike shop.

What in the world is in that CASE, what you got in that CASE?

I’ve dragged many cases and bikes across airports and the Thule is by far the sexiest, sexier even than new Mac Pro. With glances from fellow travelers, it was like the Ludacris Rollout rap, “What in the world is in that CASE, what you got in that CASE?” Well, it’s an SL4 and one that I’ve best described as like strumming a power chord. Pedal and it’s right here right now and with Rovals tracking true. For the flat and fast days, I’ll ride the Zipp 303s Firecrests and expect when I tilt them into the trade winds they’ll respond with lift and a rush of speed. Scrubbing that speed with rim brakes isn’t my preference now, but SRAM is working on the issue and we’re confidant in the fix. The Force 22 feels and performs just like the Red I’ve been riding too, but for a thousand dollars less.

Tarmacs and Tacos

Tacos and Tarmacs

Near Big Beach, we found this truck

After my long nap yesterday, we’ve got more riding to do, including today. For this annual trip, it’s Tarmacs and tacos. We ride till we get hungry, stop to eat tacos, and then ride some more. The photos I’ve taken so far are on G+.

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