Zym Sport Drink Tablets in Our Bottles

As the usage of fizzy tablets in my bottles increases, I want some variety and Zym competes with Nuun and CamelBack. They all do the same thing – like flavored Alka-Seltzer with electrolytes or fizzy Pedialyte, if you prefer.

I like Zym for the long-lasting flavor compared to Nuun, which tastes terrible a few hours into a ride. Also tried CamelBack’s tablets, but found them too sweet.

All of them qualify as hangover cures. The reason I use Nuun and Zym is for a sensitive stomach; especially, in the heat. If you’ve topped off on calories before a ride and just need to hydrate, these work well.

I’ve got no use for any of the additives like caffeine of guarana in the tablets, just the salts and flavor please.

3 tubes of Zym, 30 tablets, are available online and your LBS for $29.97.

The bottle shown in the photo is a Purist with our logo on it and referred to as the magical sports decanter. As with most of the gear we sell, liked that bottle so much after testing it, that I had a run made for us.

The Purist is available on Amazon.com for $14.99.

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