Zwift Launches Structured Training And Monthly Subscription Plan


Later this month on the 29th, Zwift, an indoor cycling fitness entertainer, will introduce a new structured training program for a monthly fee. Living in the Pacific Northwest and self employed, if I’m inside riding, then the weather is REALLY bad or I didn’t plan my work week right. But for those that appreciate a good hard workout in front of their TV or computer with other players, Zwift is popular and over 300,000 rides covering 4.5 million miles have been virtually ridden. The structured training

  • Will launch as a Beta product with a selection of workouts
  • Will start with some pre-programmed workouts and will move to supporting user generated/created workouts
  • Others will be able to see when you are doing a workout by color coded hologram screen out front so they’ll know when you’re giving it a hard effort
  • ERG mode is supported on most smart trainers, to help you do near perfect intervals

Even though I have the worst-possible trainer discipline and will ride in all conditions but golf-ball hail and fog, I did spend time on the trainer a few seasons ago getting ready for CX Worlds. At that time, using the applications were harder than the workouts because of the software. Zwift is successful because they figured out a marketing opportunity and how to easily onboard users and make it fun. Call it gamified or whatever, Zwift is more entertaining than the reality TV I’d watch with the 80s metal playlist blasting, sweating into a towel.

When it launches, the new service will cost $10 or £8 with no commitment, except for you to get on the trainer. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on there too….

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