Zuca Sport: A travel bag with integrated seat

Zuca 3.jpegZuca is a company that makes travel bags that take the load off your body when you walk and your weight off your feet when you’d normally stand. They seem to have a following among ice skaters and some other sports, but I think cyclists who travel a lot might really like them. Long ago one of my old teammates had passed along sage advice for the competitive cyclist when not riding:

“Never run when you can walk, never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lay down”

Sure this seems like a recipe for sloth, but it really points out that some of the most tiring activities we do are tedious tasks that have nothing to do with our favourite pastime. And traveling through airports or other modes can be exhausting. I actually put a lot of thought in the ergonomics of my bags, trying to carry all my stuff without putting too much strain on my body. I gave up on messenger bags for airline travel because they just wrecked my back with the weight of my personal items.



p> I found Zuca bags when I was looking at inline skate accessories, and I really want one now. In essence the bags have a sturdy alloy exterior frame with wheels and extending tow handle, but Zuca uniquely feature a seat integrated into the top. Why stand in line when you can sit? My old teammate would be so impressed.

Additionally Zuca offers two models. The $130 Zuca Sport features large diameter dual wheels on each side so you can smoothly drag the bag over curbs or stairs without noisily banging. The frame supports a bag that has a large internal space with a number of smaller pockets.
zuca 2.jpg

The $285 Zuca Pro is a little bit taller and narrower, with the single wheels tucked into recesses on the side, so as to fit into airline overhead bins better. The Pro also comes with zippered pouches that neatly fit into the main compartment, allowing you to organize and subdivide your items. Head Hugger Byron would love the zippered punches.

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